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      You'll be hard pressed to find another 6-channel system with as many functions as the 6K at a comparable price. Telemetry sensors monitor critical flight data, including temperature, RPM, altitude, receiver battery voltage, external voltage and variometer. It's compatible with S.Bus and S.Bus2 servos

      Referencia: 2041.0006/2

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      Program navigation is easy and intuitive with the jog dial, +/- pads and end pad.

      The antenna is inside the transmitter case for safety and handling convenience.




       This variable rate dial can be programmed to perform different functions; a speaker allows for telemetry voice feedback and audio alarms

      Four assignable switches (three 3-position and one 2-position) offer maximum flexibility




      The earplug/trainer/S.Bus ports are all conveniently located.

      The R3006SB receiver can use S.Bus as the main link/communication to the servos or a combination of S.Bus and the conventional outputs together. It features 6 standard PWM outputs in addition to S.Bus and S.Bus-2 outputs.Features bi-directional communication with a T-FHSS Air Futaba transmitter using the S.BUS2 port. Using the S.BUS2 port with an impressive array of telemetry sensors may be utilized.


      System features

      • S-FHSS/T-FHSS selectable
      • Telemetry system (T-FHSS) with data speech function for monitoring receiver battery voltage, external voltage, temperature, RPM, altitude and variometer
      • Built-in antenna
      • S.Bus/S.Bus2 servo setting functions programmable through the transmitter
      • Preset vibration alarms
      • 30 model memory
      • 8-character model/user naming
      • Programmable mixes for airplanes, helicopters, gliders and multi-rotors
      • Digital trims with variable step settings
      • Adjustable stick length and tension
      • Changeable switch/VR position and AUX channel function
      • Throttle position warning
      • Backlit 128x64 DOT LCD screen with adjustable display contrast
      • Software updateable through the CIU-2
      • Screen Lock
      • Earphone/S.Bus/Trainer jacks
      • Assignable switches (three 3-position, one 2-position)
      • Range Check
      • Program navigation bay with jog dial, +/- pads and end pad
      • Data reset
      • Model copy
      • Selectable model type
      • Fail Safe
      • End Points
      • Trim/Trim Resets/Trim Steps
      • Sub Trim
      • Servo Reversing
      • Parameter functions
      • Servo monitor/Test
      • Wireless model data transfer
      • Timer-System and Model (Up/Down)
      • Trainer system

      Airplane Functions

      • Wing Type (5-wing, 2-tail)
      • Throttle Cut
      • Dual Rate/Expo
      • Throttle Curve
      • Idle down
      • Gyro
      • Aileron differential
      • V-Tail
      • Camber
      • Air Brake
      • Elevator-to-Flap mixing
      • Flap-to-Elevator mixing
      • Elevon mixing

      Glider Functions

      • Wing Type (5-Wing, 2-Tail)
      • Condition select
      • Dual Rate/Expo
      • Motor switch
      • Gyro
      • Aileron Differential
      • V-tail
      • Butterfly mixing
      • Trim mixing
      • Elevator-to-Camber mixing
      • Camber mixing
      • Aileron-to-Camber mixin

      Helicopter Functions

      • Swash type (6)
      • Condition Select
      • Throttle Cut
      • Dual Rate/Expo
      • Trim Offset
      • Delay
      • Gyro mixing
      • Swash AFR
      • Swash mixing
      • Throttle Curve (5-point)
      • Pitch Curve (5-point)
      • Pitch-to-Rudder mixing
      • Throttle Hold
      • Hovering throttle
      • Hovering pitch

      Multicopter Functions

      • Flight Mode
      • Center alarm
      • Dual Rate/Expo
      • Throttle Curve
      • Throttle Delay
      • Gyro



      • T6K computer radio system
      • R3006SB T-FHSS Receiver
      • NiMh 6.0V 2000mAh
      • TX-RX Charger
      • Instruction manual in English

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